Saturday, May 1, 2010

Leaving 'n' stuff!

There's something about having only a week left in a place that makes you fairly introspective, and at the risk of taking myself too seriously, I'm going to try and capture that sensation. I actually find it to be one of the more distinct parts of culture shock, proving, I guess, that not all of us follow the 'curve.'

The last time I was leaving for a while was in 2006, when I went to Brazil and Quebec with Canada World Youth. It was an odd sort of experience, in that I was graduating high school at the time, and so when I left, it was with the realization that I wouldn't see most of the people I was leaving behind. But I was fine with that, being an angry 18-year-old whose favourite memory of graduation was skipping it.

You know what's the weirdest part of being about to leave a place? How normal it all is. Two weeks ago, I was studying for an exam, like I always have. Now I won't be doing that for nearly two years. I'm on duty on residence as I write this, holding the on-call phone and ready to respond to calls until 9 AM. This will literally never happen again, but it seems completely routine. It's like there's some kind of disjoint between what is happening now and what you know will happen.

On a lighter note, things Adam hates:

2.Health insurance

...and other things which, while vital to his survival, are really annoying and hurt body and soul.

Next time: Adam in India becomes Adam in Ontario, as I head out for Frontier College training! Stay tuned!

PS: yes, this was written on Monday and spent a few days gathering dust. I've been disorganized, sorry.

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