Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Pictures!

Well, I felt the need to continue the 'happy' vibe that has been going through my blog post titles. It makes me feel nice and warm inside. That may or may not be true for those reading my blog, but regardless, here are pictures for you:

1) Pictures from my family's visit over Christmas and New Years -- we used a lot of different cameras with the result that I got photos of some places, other people of other places -- and now we're on different continents. So, there are nice photos but a lack of any narrative. Sorry!

2) The preparations for annual day, and annual day itself

3) The Pongal celebrations at the hostel

Have fun!


  1. Great job, Adam! I wonder if Tim can send you some pictures from our cameras to insert into your picassa albums.

    I really loved your captions! Yes, I noticed you had on red stuff on your forehead in the Pongal celebrations pictures.

    My favorite picture is the goat herd crossing the highway. I also liked the KKL street pictures and the fields. Nice work!


  2. Dude, awesome pictures!
    And your stache is truly majestic.

  3. Hi Adam, I'm your dad's cousin, Anita, from the US. I really enjoyed perusing your blog and the pictures are so wonderful! I too loved the goat herd/highway crossing pic as well as all the pics of the adorable children on Annual Day. Best of luck with your intern and beyond!

    Anita James, Madison, Wisconsin USA